Chicken and Eggs

Our Laying Flock

We have a multicoloured flock of hens who lay beautiful technicolour eggs that taste fantastic! We have heritage breeds that lay brown, chocolate, speckled, and pink eggs, and if you’re lucky the odd green egg for variety! Our chickens live year round in their mobile wagon coop (the Coogan) with free access to pasture 365 days a year. They reward us with some of the healthiest and best tasting eggs we’ve ever had; we hope you’ll agree!

Meat Chickens

We also raise pastured meat chickens each summer, which are available for pre-order. They are raised on pasture so they have free access to fresh grass and clovers, plus as many grass hoppers as they can catch! Those guys are surprisingly fast!

We keep our meat chickens in portable Hoop-Coops to protect them from predators and give them space to roam. We move the Hoop-Coops twice a day onto fresh pasture and feed them supplemental non-GMO feed.

The fresh pasture gives the meat really high levels of vitamin A and healthy omega-3s, compared to conventionally raised chicken, and helps to produce very tender meat. Our chickens are so popular we have sold out early each year, so order yours today!


The chickens are available as whole birds or as halves or quarters and can be picked up fresh or frozen. Whole birds cost $4.75/lb and halves or quarters have an additional butchering fee.  You can reserve your birds ahead of time for a $10 per bird deposit. This helps cover the cost of purchasing and feeding the chicks and makes sure we have enough birds to meet your requirements. The birds will be available in August and late September, just in time for Thanksgiving!

For more information and to reserve your birds, please contact us