Fleeces for Sale!

For a limited time we now have a stock of summer wool fleeces available! Summer fleeces are generally super clean as the sheep have spent all summer on pasture, meaning no pesky hay to clean out! This selection also includes some really special Gotland lamb fleeces that are really fine and soft. For this shearing we also hired a new shearer who appreciates taking a little extra time to produce a high quality fleece for hand spinning. We can certainly see the difference in the fleeces and we hope that you can too!


The fleeces were sheared in October and have been skirted so are ready to be washed and processed into wool crafts. Skirting removes any manure, lodged vegetable matter, and wool that is heavily matted or short. We took the time to pick out as much of the small vegetable matter during the skirting process to give you a cleaner fleece.

Purchasing a Fleece

The fleeces are listed below by the sheep’s name with the price of the fleece plus photos showing the whole fleece, a close up, some example locks, and a description of the origin of the fleece, its weight, and staple length. If you see a fleece you would like to purchase, please contact us with the sheep’s name and we either arrange with you to pickup the fleece or prepare it for shipping (buyer pays cost).

Click any of the photos below to bring up a full size image to see a fleece in all its glory!


Gotland Lamb 037 ($75)

This beautiful graphite grey fleece is very soft to the touch, is low in VM and has a 5.5″ staple. Weight 2.6 lbs.


Gotland lamb 039 ($45)

This beautiful baby of Assam and Beethoven’s is 1.45 lbs of dark grey high lanolin fleece. Its staple is 5.5″. Some of the fleece is so high in lanolin it appears slightly matted but teases out well in hand. It has low VM and a nice curl.


Gotland/BFL Lamb 051 ($80)

This lovely BFL/Gotland cross fleece has the lustre of a Gotland and the beautiful crimp of a BFL. It weighs 3.37 lbs with a 5″ staple and is the offspring of Chocolate and Beethoven.


Gotland Lamb 019 ($60)

This is a gotland lamb fleece weighing 2.27 lbs with a 2.5″ staple. It has low VM and very nice lustre. It’s also very soft to the touch. It has a light grey to white colour way.


Gotland/BFL/Romney Cross lamb 047 ($70)

This lamb is the offspring of Beigie our BFL/Romney cross ewe and Beethoven our Goland Ram. His fleece is very low in VM and has a beautiful grey colour with some brown tips. It weighs 2.82 lbs and has a staple length of 4 inches. It has a lovely crimp.


Gotland Yearling Ram Beethoven ($100)

A beautiful grey fleece with tones from silver to mid-grey, this 3.90 lb fleece has a 4.5-5″ staple and shows typical Gotland character. It has long curled locks and nice lustre and low VM.  20200128_10363520200128_103558

Gotland ewe yearling Bride ($40)

This lovely soft fleece that is a white to light grey is 1.74 lbs in weight and 2.5″staple . It has very low VM.


BFL Romney Cross Yearling Ewe Beigie ($90)

Beigie is a lovely yearling ewe who has a beautiful beige/grey crimped fleece wiht a weight of 6.64 lbs and a staple length of 5.5 inches. Her fleece has a wonderful crimped texture and handles beautifully. It is low in VM.



Gotland Rovings

Black/dark grey Gotland wool that has been cleaned and processed into rovings ready for spinning and other crafts. Cost is $25 (+HST) per 8 ounces.

Romney Rovings

Grey/light brown fine Romney wool that has been cleaned and processed into rovings ready for spinning and other crafts. Cost is $25 (+HST) per 8 ounces.