This summer has been a busy one here on FAF! We have 6 sheep mowing our pastures, 100 meat birds munching alfalfa (the first of two batches) and 43 new laying birds growing up fast! 

Our Olive Egger, Mary, went broody in a serious way this spring and hatched out 7 chicks of mixed heritage who will become part of the laying flock (if they are hens). 

This is a photo of her being a good Mom and teaching them how to forage. They are our most resilient chicks and really show how nature knows what’s best!

They are figuring out all sorts of things like how to get in and out of the coop!

Soon our meat birds will be processed for customers. We sold more than we thought we would and upscaling production has held some interesting challenges! 100 chicks is a lot of chicks! 

I even had a successful save with the help of a little bit of biomechanics and some chicken physio. Our little bent neck chicken, Twisty, survived and now I can’t even tell him apart from the other chickens!

If you ordered chicken, you will get an email shortly regarding pick ups.

Stay tuned for the next blog post: raising sheep on pasture!


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