Why Non-GMO?

You might ask why we feed our chickens non-GMO feed. We believe strongly in respecting the integrity of the land and as Ben said this evening “I love soil”! Often GMO crops are crops that are engineered to withstand herbicides that are sprayed to rid fields of weeds but not kill the crop (I.e. Round up ready corn). The unintended consequence is that along with weeds, you kill the amazingly diverse groups of plants, insects and micro organisms that make up the soil. You destroy the soil integrity and end up creating dead dirt. Then, you have to pump it full of fertilizer to get things to grow. These fertilizers run off into the ground water supply and poison our drinking water. We want to protect the land for years to come and we want to avoid contributing to killing our water supply. This is why we feed non GMO and eventually hope to go full organic and feed from our own farm.