Fresh Ayr Farm

I never though I would live on a farm with a Scottish husband and a beautiful dog. Many things in life are unexpected and this takes the cake!

This blog will explore what it’s like to go from city girl to country farmer and all the trials and tribulations of our homestead experience.

What is Fresh Ayr Farm? It’s a fake farm name that I’m using until we figure out what the name of our farm really is! Right now it’s an 1840s farm house with a hay field. Hopefully soon it will be a place for sheep or chickens or goats (for Andrea) to live and there will be a few donkeys on the side for Robin to play with. It’s a place where we learn about heating a home with wood and how to live in harmony with coyotes and deer.




1 thought on “Fresh Ayr Farm”

  1. Great first post! Love the title. Also love that I was mentioned in the premier edition of Fresh Ayr Farm. Now you must get a burro! Your followers will demand it!


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